Investor Service

Investor Overview

As an investor, you will be looking to maximise your return and support your client companies build organisations that have healthy profitable business models that have the capability to effectively scale.  The value drivers in your client companies may be focused around new customer acquisition, potential to scale (via an indirect business model), drive recurring revenue streams and having a strong management team that are able to demonstrate their ability to lead and execute. Over the last ten years,  the Inspiren team has worked with hundreds of companies (both early stage and established) via Investors to support, mentor and guide  management teams.

Inspiren supports Investors to get the best from their companies and accelerate their go-to-market sales and marketing strategies with access to experience on a flexible basis either in a group workshop environment or on a 1:1 company engagement model for example;

  • Build an effective channel to market, scale both domestically and internationally
  • Create the right relationships with technology vendors and influencers to accelerate your target market reach
  • Develop a compelling value proposition and engage more effectively with your ideal target customers
  • Make the move to a Solution Provider Marketing model – be more focused and drive higher % margin return

“Caroline is a true professional and a highly-regarded expert in all aspects technology sales and marketing.  She has quickly become a trusted advisor to any firm she works with, continuously adding value and making a real contribution to their successes.”

Judi Blackmur
Enterprise Ireland, Senior Market Advisor